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Kyiv, Sportyvna Square, BC Gulliver, 11-12 floor

Coworking Creative Quarter can not even be called a coworking. The creators of CQ have presented their project as an ecosystem that is based on three components: space, community and services. And it turned out great, because one of the creators of Creative Quarter is the famous IT-entrepreneur Roman Khmil.

Coworking Creative Quarter Gulliver

Lounge zone Creative Quarter

CQ Gulliver is located on two floors of  Gulliver Business Center in the very center of Kiev. The design of the space corresponds to its name. Pictures and graffiti are everywhere. Interior design promotes the creative process, which is strongly supported. But the main is the idea of Creative Quarter -  to create a space with a high-quality service that will attract the best specialists and combine them to work with large customers.

Another advantage is the model of sharing resources to reduce operating costs.

Bar in Creative Quarter Gulliver

Lounge zone Creative Quarter Gulliver

What does Gulliver Creative Quarter offer to its residents?

First of all, these are flexible conditions. If you want to rent an office for a team, but are not sure that all team members will be present at the office every day or not yet determined the exact number of people, then you will be offered a comfortable closed office for the required number of people at the moment, the rest can be located in the lounge zone, at a long table near a panoramic window or in one of the Skype-rooms. As necessary, you can change the office, moving from one closed office to another, depending on the needs of the business.

Working place in Creative Quarter Gulliver

Meeting room in CQ Gulliver

Here you can choose any office: from a separate room for one with a table with a lamp and a comfortable chair to a large office for a team of 20-30 people.

At the same time, you can choose between an internal office without a window, an office with a window overlooking the neighboring office tower or with a view of the city. The rental price of the office depends mainly on the view.

Another nice feature of the offices in Creative Quarter is possibility to draw and write on internal glass partitions. Judging by the abundance of inscriptions, residents actively use this opportunity.

View from lounge zone of Creative Quarter Gulliver

Closed office in Gulliver

Customers of Creative Quarter can choose different tariffs, which include a diverse set of services. For example, almost all tariffs include two hours of use of any of the meeting rooms that are equipped with a modern multi-functional system for presentations on Skype, Webex, Viber, WhatsApp.

In addition, the use of Skype-rooms is already included in the cost of the subscription. These rooms  can accomodate 2-4 people.

Among mentioned services  Creative Quarter provides print-zones that can be used by all residents.

All workplaces and closed offices are equipped with high quality ergonomic furniture and even office stationery.

Most of residents prefer quiet work, so fans of loud telephone conversations are asked to use Skype rooms or to chat in a long corridor with soft sofas or in the smoking zone on the balcony.

In the kitchen is also equipped on the high level: tea, coffee, water, biscuits, sandwiches, milk and even marshmallow. And on Fridays, there is also wine to create an informal atmosphere.


- Non-fixed working place - $ 150 per 10 visits or $ 300 per month

- Fixed working place in the middle of the floor - $ 350 per month, fixed place at the window $ 420 per month

- Equipped office from $ 420 to $500 per month per place

The tariffs include:

· Space with furniture (tables, chairs, chest of drawers for belongins).

·  24/7 access.

· Security (business center and own on the floor).

· Internet (wifi and wired).

· Access to all common areas - lounge, kitchen, Skype rooms, toilets.

- 2 hours of meeting room per each working place.

· Community managers at the reception, who will help to meet guests, solve any issues related to the office.

· Good business environment.


Additional payments:

∙ Extra usage of meeting rooms. Every working place includes use of the meeting room within  2 hours per month.  Tariff after expiration of the limit is $10 hour.


Finance conditions:

1. Only prepayment. Until the 15th day of each month, residents pay the next month (ie until September 15, customers pay in October).

2. Guarantee payment equal to 2 months of rent. It can be used in two ways: as the last rental month or it can be returned at the end of the rent.

3. Any party may terminate the contract by notifying the other party 30 days prior the date of termination.



Working hours

  • 24/7 for closed offices

  • 8:00 - 21:00 for the lounge zone

  • 9:00 - 18:00 Reception hours and  from 10:00 to 12:00 on weekends (upon additional request)

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